Cribas Estadísticas Rollier modelo BI FLOW

Vibrating Sizers BI FLOW


The vibrating sizer BI FLOW is a five decks sizer in that the intermediate deck is a sheet without holes. This allows that it should behave as TWO sizers of two decks joined an alone machine. This is the best solution to screen fine sands and saving space and conveyors is needed. Usually, a vibrant Rollier RVB spreader is installed on the vibrating sizer BIFLOW to get an homogeneous curtain. The vibratig sizer BI FLOW is very robust and compact. It can have all the accessories that are indicated in a statistical standard sizer, from meshes cleaning shakers to heating mesh system. 


  • Fine Sands
  • Glass
  • Special Sands
  • Pellets cleaning
  • Crushed minerals


  • Robust and simple design
  • Compact implantation
  • Zero maintenance
  • Low power consumption

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