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Project Description

Cribas Vibrantes Serie CVC

Vibrating Screens CVC Series

Characteristics of the CVC series vibrating screens.

CVC vibrating screens are the result of technical studies to obtain a durable and versatile design in the field of high performance screening. The CVC vibrating screens are composed of two laser cut sheet sides joined by stabilized frames and a transmission housing tube.  Made to last, the CVC series screens are simple and robust. Its bearings, first-class, special for screening and oscillating rollers allow smooth and yet forceful movement.

The CVC series vibrating screens are divided into two types:

  • Elliptical motion
  • Circular movement

Both types work with a conventional electric motor with transmission by pulleys and belts.

They can equip all types of mesh on the market:

Conventional wire mesh
Rubber sheet
Perforated plate

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