Alimentadores Vibrantes Rollier de la Serie ML

Main features of the Rollier ML series vibrating feeders.

Rollier ML series vibrating feeders are trays powered by vibrating motors. A tray reinforced by metallic nerves vibrates that moves or extracts the material to deposit it in its destination. They can function in a dosage form, so it is very useful in processes of all kinds

Rollier ML series vibrating feeders are used to transport and dispense any type of bulk materials.

Depending on the material to be transported, this tray can be lined with the following coatings:

  • Anti-wear plate, for use in quarries with hard stones
  • Non-slip polyethylene
  • High density polyethylene
  • Polyurethane
  • Rubber or rubber metal sheet
  • Ceramic lining with high anti-wear power.


  • Robust and simple design
  • Compact implementation by springs, silentblocks or Rosta systems
  • They may be suspended or supported
  • No maintenance
  • Low power consumption

Rollier series ML vibrating feeders can be made hermetic, with a closed system in tréllex rubber or similar.

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Used to transport and dispense any type of bulk material.