Vibrating Conveyors ML Series

The vibrating conveyors ML series are made from carbon steel and stainless steel (AISI304, AISI316). They are driven by ATEX22 closed vibrators (on request ATEX21 dust and ATEX21 dust and gas can be supplied). As an option can also be supplied with an DC electric braking.

Used for vibratory bulk transport. With lengths up to 7 meters, its robustness and low maintenance is the ideal solution for processes in which a high reliability of operation is required. They are supported or suspended, with silentblocks or springs of support, hermetic or open. They can also be shielded with all kinds of anti-slip material or anti-wear or rubber sheets.

Rollier series ML conveyors are the best choice for points in your process where you have a strong need for reliability or when you do not have the space to install a short material conveyor belt from several points.

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