High Efficiency Screen CVE Series

High Efficiency Screen CVE Series

CVE screens series feature two unbalanced shaft lines rotating in opposite directions to generate a high-energy elliptical motion providing a strong stratification of the bed depth and high screening accuracy. This gearless solution is more efficient than conventional horizontal screens with linear motion, and more reliable than other elliptical motion screens.

The high-energy elliptical motion gives up to 25% greater capacity than a conventional screen of the same size.

The rotating supports allow to change the inclination of the screen, which adds one more variable of adjustment of screening in the installation.

CVE Series screens are utilized to produce end-product fractions. They separate materials with consistency and accuracy, even in damp and sticky conditions – such as wet screening or screening of sticky and dirty materials – CVE screens provide exactly the kind of aggressive screening action you need. This is due to the elliptical movement in all its parts, and to the perfect regulation by means of counterweights, which achieves an ellipse-shaped result much more energetic than the traditional circular movement

At Rollier, all screening media are manufactured in Germany. Steel meshes are manufactured by Dorstener and modular polyurethane or rubber meshes by TEMA-Siebtechnik in its Karlsruhe factory. This fully guarantees the customer satisfaction in terms of quality and durability.
CVE series screens can use an extensive range of side shields and wear linings, as well as wear protections for parts exposed to the mineral.