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Project Description

Grizzly Feeders PKR Series


Rollier PKR grizzly feeders are strong vibrating feeders suitable to feed primary or secondary crushers. They are also used to clean large volume scrap. They are manufactured as grizzly feeders (to be installed in a primary quarry hopper) or as grizzlies without feeding tray, to be placed downstream of a conveyor belt or feeder. They can be designed with or without steps combs, with second screening bridge (to separate the sterile) or without screening, as a primary feeder without combs.


The Rollier PKR grizzly feeders are heavy duty design, with a reliable suspension system based in strong springs or rubber blocks. The Rollier PKR grizzly feeders are animated by two powerful vibrator motors, without maintenance. The whole box is lined with anti-wear plates inside. The screening comb or round screening bars is also manufactured of anti-wear steel.


  • Proven reliability
  • High capacity
  • Perfect match with all kind of primary crushers
  • Zero maintenance

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