Project Description

Cribas de Malla Elástica Rollier de la Serie MFX

Elastic Mesh Flip-Flop Screens Series MFX

Flip-Flop screens application

Particularly suitable for sticky materials such as:

  • waste concrete
  • meat flour
  • paper paste
  • plastic recycling
  • glass
  • USW
  • CDW
  • compost
  • and, in general, products that are difficult to screen.


The Elastic Mesh (Flip-Flop) MFX Screen is a screen with floating chassis and slipping polyurethane meshes. The meshes are grabbed for an end to the floating chassis and for other one to the principal box, allowing the alternative stretching and contraction of the meshes, that takes place simultaneously that the vibrant movement of the machine.

Hardiness and flexibility

The Elastic Mesh (Flip-Flop) screen MFX consists of an only bridge with vibrant motors and of a body that contains the oscillating chassis and the elastic meshes. A plastic resistant bonnet covers the set. All this results in a compact machine and simultaneously very simple in its maintenance.

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