Densimetric Tables MORRISFEED


The densimetric table is a fluid bed: a vibrant soil with injected air creates a bed of particles that, by density, moves towards one or another side depending on the weight. This allows that material of different densities and granulometries could be separated. The Morrisfeed Densimetric Table works with two fans controlled by frequency converters integrated in the electric cabinet. This creates an air flow that goes through a vibrating table that is fed with the material to separate, throwing the heavy particles to one side and the light particles to the other side.

Applications of the Rollier Morrisfeed densimetric table

Separation of materials by density. It is used chiefly to separate:

  • Compost / Glass or stones
  • Slag/ Minerals
  • Metals/plastics
  • Different fragmented metals
  • Wood/Plastics


  • Vibrating table
  • Cyclone or filter for aspirated materials
  • Impulsion fan
  • Aspiration fan
  • Electric cabinet (optional)

Hardiness and flexibility

The densimetric table Rollier Morrisfeed series is mounted on a resistant structure in order to facilitate the implantation. The equipment allows different positions among cyclone, filter and the vibrating table.


Rollier has many references of the densimetric table Morrifeed series in the recycling and minery sectors.

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