Cintas Transportadoras ROLLIERBELT

Conveyor belts ROLLIERBELT

High performance and tested hardiness, the ROLLIERBELT conveyors are the best choice for your installation.

  • Belt width: 500, 650, 800, 1000, 1200 and 1400mm
  • Named Brand Motorgear
  • For all kind of belts
  • Supports in structural pipe


  • Truss structure (HD) or folded sheet (Compact)
  • Head and tail with bulgy drum mounted with grip rings
  • Perfect cover system (optional)
  • Grate floored walkways and perimetral maintenance walkway in conveyor head

Hardiness and flexibility

The conveyor belts RollierBelt are suitable for flows from 1200t/h up to minimal flows. They can be made in any length and inclination. It is served in packages with:

  • Heads
  • intermediate bodies
  • Tails

All ready to assembly on site.