Main applications and uses of Vibrating Feeders

A vibrating feeder is just a tray that vibrates.
This vibration has a component such that the particles that are on the tray move with small jumps in the direction of the exit end of the tray itself.

Vibrating feeders are used for several purposes with the following being the most common:

Similar to a conveyor belt, it will transport the product in bulk from the feed end to the exit end of the tray.
As a pure conveyor, the vibrator is at a disadvantage compared with the belt, because the transport speed is slower, its length is limited due to structural reasons and although it is possible to transport by product vibration, high transport speed is lost.

Advantages of using the vibrating feeder as a vibrating conveyor

The vibrating conveyor has its advantages as well, since it is a metal tray that is not susceptible to being torn or burned as a band and does not have the spills of product typical of the return section of the belts.



Vibrating conveyor

Vibrating conveyor

As a vibrating feeder

It is a conveyor in whose end or exit there is another machine to which it feeds

As a vibrating spreader

The vast majority of machines that make a classification (screens, Foucault separators, magnetic, optical, etc..) need to be fed throughout the functional width of the sorting machine itself.

These machines greatly reduce their performance if they are not fed in this way.

A vibrating feeder achieves that the bulk product extends occupying the entire width of the tray so that when pouring it on the sorting machine, it does so spread out in its width.
Specific geometries of the vibrating tray are also used to better achieve this distribution effect.


Vibrating conveyor as vibrating spreader

Vibrating conveyor as vibrating spreader

Vibrating feeder as a vibrating extractor

It has the function of extracting the product at the desired rate in a constant and uniform manner, when installed at the bottom of a hopper or silo, or inside a tunnel under a product stock.
This is very important at the beginning of any production line since it allows to introduce the product in the process with a uniform flow properly regulated, so that the successive machinery can function properly.


Vibrating feeder as vibrating extractor

Vibrating feeder as vibrating extractor

Feeder as a Grizzly

Sometimes the feeders can incorporate bars, perforated plate or other elements of classification by sizes forming a hybrid machine between a vibrating feeder and a screen that is usually called GRIZZLY.


Vibrating feeder as a vibrating grizzly

Vibrating feeder as a vibrating grizzly

Here are the main Rollier feeders and conveyors:

• Vibrating Conveyors ML Series
• Vibrating Conveyors VP Series
PKR Vibrating Grizzlies


Rollier Vibrating Machinery