Three new CVC screens: big surface for the best performance

Rollier has delivered three new screens CVC 250 625 with one deck. These screens have 16 sq. meters each. The CVC series screens are driven by a counterweight system with a central shaft. The suspension of these screens is regulable in height and angle, covering the most of possibilites of implantation. See more here.

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New shipping of vibrating sizers to Vietnam

Due to the success of your last purchase, our customer in Vietnam has repeated the order of six vibrating sizers for its animal feed treatment plants. These screens will leave in the next few days on the way to Hanoi. It is a vibrating screen MEL 200/4, a screen MEL 150/3, a MEL 200/2 and [...]

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Three ESS dewatering screens go to Saragossa (Spain)

Three heavy duty ESS dewatering screens goes to Saragossa (Spain) The dewatering screens have been made for a Customer of Saragossa (Spain). These machines are designed to withstand an impact of stones from two meters in height. The dewatering screens have very robust frames with polyurethane meshes on special supports. Laterally lined polyethylene. See more [...]

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Cleaning pellets with Rollier screens in Portugal

Cleaning pellets with Rollier screens in Portugal Rollier MF Screen Rollier has furnished a turnkey plant in Portugal to clean pellets. The installation, a support frame with a hopper and a MF Screen, lets to the customer to get a product without fines under 1mm.

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Vibrating feeders for Mexican recycling company

Vibrating feeders for Mexican recycling company Rollier Vibrating Feeder Rollier has furnished 3 vibrating feeders for a Mexican foundry that needs to separate materials. This type of feeders are made in carbon steel and inox steel on the front. The machine is designed to work with a magnetic drum.

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Three MFX II screens for a potassium salt mine in Barcelona (Spain)

Three MFX II screens for a potassium salt mine in Barcelona (Spain) Rollier MFX 220/700 Three screens Rollier MFX 220/700 II have been made for a KCl (potassium salt) mine in Barcelona. The screens have two decks in poliurethane: fixed panels on the upper deck and elastic mesh on the lower deck.

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Rollier at BAUMA 2013

Rollier at BAUMA 2013 Rollier at Bauma Rollier exhibited at the Bauma stand crushing machines one of its most successful machines among its customers: elastic mesh screen polyurethane flipflop system. It is a highly effective screen for a really productive screening process with high humidity or using difficult materials for screening. An ingenious amplifying system [...]

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