ROLLIER vibrating machinery can be found in practically all sector of industry in which bulk materials, waste or parts are handled.

ROLLIER ia involved in sectors such as mining,foundry, quarry and aggregates, ceramics, treatment of MSW (municipal solid waste), Residue derived fuel, Scrap, Construction, Precast Concrete, Sludge Treatment plants, Biomass, wood recycling in general, Cables, Food Industry (human and animal), glass, plastics, organic Fertilizer, Cement.

Vibrating Sizers BI FLOW

This screen is particularly ideal for small areas in which it would be difficult to fit two screens or to screen different fine products in a single machine, as different size materials can be fed in each side of the feed input.

Decanter / Clarifier Tanks Series TQD

Treatment of sludge and recovery of clean water.

Vibrating Feeders Series ML

Used to transport and dispense any type of bulk material.

Vibrating Grates GRV

For material unloading with a loader or dumper.

Lineal Screens Series MF

ROLLIER linear screens are designed to offer improved screening capabilities for ultrafine and fine products.

Vibrating Sizers MS

High screening efficiency, low power (one vibrator), dust proof system (hermetic plastic covers), simple service and easy maintenance.

Vibrating Sizers Series ME

Highly useful machines in aggregate processes where the materials require different levels of screening.

Vibrating Conveyors Series VP

Used to transport and dispense any type of bulk material.

Vibrating Conveyors Series ML

Used to transport and dispense any type of bulk material.

Conveyor belts ROLLIERBELT

High performance, with trellised frame and belt widths from 500 to 1,400 mm. DIN and CEMA standard stations with rollers.

Vibrating Destoners Series SBL

The destoner comprises adjustable gradient steps coated in smooth steel, integrated in a vibrating tray. The material is cascaded onto the steps, which separates the light and heavy materials.

Vibrating Sizers Series MEL

Increases the screening area and the time the material remains on the meshes, which in turn significantly increases screening efficiency.

Vibrating Dewatering Screens Series ESS

The fields of application of the ESS series Dewatering Screens go from washed sand draining to treatment of biomethanation waste in USW plants.

Vibrating Elevators Series ELV

To elevate or cool particles or parts.

Elastic Mesh Screens Series MFX

Particularly suitable for sticky materials, such as waste concrete, meat flour, paper paste, plastic recycling, glass, USW, CDW, compost and, in general, products that are difficult to screen.

Densimetric Tables MORRISFEED

Used normally in recycling processes and with products such as compost, glass, slag, metal, fragmented materials, etc.

Primary Elastic Mesh Screens MEROKA

Usually used in recycling, as primary screening for materials such as USW, compost, paper, plastic, ashes, slag, glass. Suitable for damp or sticky products.

Grizzly Feeders Series PKR

For material unloading with a loader or dumper.

Sand Washing Units Series GSS

Used for washing sand in gravel pits or in quarries with high clay content.

Rollier proposes ingenious solutions to complex processes

Rollier Solutions

Sometimes, there are industrial processes where necessary provide new ideas to help improve production or serve for optimize complicated steps that otherwise impede much the proper performance of the entire system.

That’s when, in collaboration with the client, Rollier develops the engineering needed to meet these challenges , adapting to the specific needs of each case.

Some of these challenges are:

  • Vibrating screens for separation of wires
  • Vibrating screens to remove ice fish
  • Conveyors for chips, avoiding damage to the product
  • Facilities Cleaning pellets in Portugal
  • Cost savings up to 30% increasing production with scalpers installed over mill on mining