Grizzly Feeders Series PKR

For material unloading with a loader or dumper.

These screens are designed to separate the product as a whole in two or three fractions. In quarries they are used to eliminate waste product and send large size pieces to the crusher.They comprise an extra robust tray with ribbed sides, operated by motor vibrators or a counter-weighted vibrating mechanism. They have combs or wear resistant steel bars, which are removable for easy replacement. These combs can be arranged in a stepped fashion, which helps to shake off the clay from the stone boluses.The pre-screens may be mounted on springs or rubber shock-absorbers, which are designed to reduce the effects of the impacts that are normal with this application.

Additional options

  • With removable combs or bars
  • Flat or stepped
  • These pre-screens can be fitted with an additional bridge with mesh or bars
Table of models available in the PKR series. Specifications: Length and Width, in mm. 
Model Width (mm) Lenght (mm)
PKR 600 350 600 3500
PKR 800 400 800 4000
PKR 100 500 1000 5000
PKR 120 500 1200 5000
PKR 140 600 1400 6000
PKR 160 650 1800 6500
Grizzly Feeders Series PKR

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