Decanter / Clarifier Tanks Series TQD

Treatment of sludge and recovery of clean water.

This is the solution for treating the sludge produced when cleaning sand. A circular tank receives the dirty water. This tank has a scraper that can be lifted up, which drives the sludge as it is formed towards the cone on the bed, where it is sucked up by a pump.Before reaching the tank the dirty water is passed to a tray where flocculent water is added, the molecules of this polymer cause the particles in suspension in the water to group together to form lumps. This addition is managed by the MONIC flocculent dispenser, which supplies the flocculent based on the resistance sensed by the scraper, that is, on the consistency of the sludge deposits.The water that remains in the upper part of the decanter, considered clean or clarified, can be discharged harmlessly into the environment or re-circulated to continue washing sand.
ROLLIER supplies TQD series decanters in up to five sizes, depending on the amount of water and sludge to be treated. There are also four sizes of MONIC series flocculent dispensers.
Table of models available in the TQD series. Specifications: Dirty water measurements expressed in cu. m./h clays in T/h)
Model Ø (m) m3/h dirty water m3/h dirty water (max) T/h clays Pot. Scraper (kW) Pot. Pump (kW) Scraper Liftable
TQD 6,5 6,5 160 200 13 1,1 15
TQD 8 8 250 300 20 1,1 22
TQD 10 10 400 480 30 1,5 30
TQD 12 12 560 650 42 1,5 37
TQD 14 14 750 850 55 2,2 45
Decanter / Clarifier Tanks Series TQD

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